Our research aims to interweave knowledge from a range of disciplines to make new discoveries that address complex environmental exposures. Knowledge-interweaving skills are critical for the next generation of scientists and engineers to address environmental health burdens. Finding common themes and incorporating knowledge created by other disciplines is an integral part of our research. 

The Pennell Research Group is comprised of experimentalists and computational modelers–both of whom have an awareness and interest in applying advanced science and engineering concepts to real-world environmental problems. We conduct research on topics related fate and transport of environmental contaminants and environmental decision-making processes.

We are actively involved with research related to the following topics:

  • Indoor air pollution–especially related to vapor intrusion
  • Fate and transport of environmental contaminants
  • Computational modeling of environmental systems
  • Uncertainty-informed decision making models

Pennell Research Group Recent News:

  • Kelly Pennell and Dr. Heather Henry (of NIEHS) organized a symposium at the ACS Fall 2017 Annual Meeting (August 2017) to highlight the economics impacts of environmental health research, using the NIEHS Superfund Research Program as a case study.
  • Pennell Group presents new vapor intrusion model and new research about sewer gas to indoor air pathway at vapor intrusion sites at Battelle Bioremediaton Conference, May 2017. Battelle -Bio2017 Website
  • Dr. Pennell and Dr. Dadi win Outstanding Faculty in Civil Engineering Award for 2016-2017
  • Dr. Pennell, along with Dr. Bernie Hennig organized the Central and Eastern European Conference on Health and the Environment, which was held in Prague, CZ in April 2016.  Approximately 150 scientific experts from 19 countries presented research about how we, as a global environmental health community, can strive to prevent of environmental exposures and disease risks.NIEHS Environmental Factor Newsletter (May 2016).
  • In May 2015, the Pennell Research Group is profiled in UKnow Article.



If you are a student interested in joining the Pennell research group, you should review the application procedures posted on the Graduate School website and the Civil Engineering Graduate Program website.


Department website:  http://www.engr.uky.edu/ce/